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Heritage Malta to restore the Main Guard and other Valletta buildings

The Main Guard and roads and wells that underlie Valletta and The Fortress Builders are three sites that have passed into the custody of Heritage Malta, the national agency that protects the historic and cultural heritage of the country.

During a media conference held at Fort St Angelo, the Executive Director of Heritage Malta, Mario Cutajar, explained Heritage Malta’s new vision for the coming years and gave an insight on the projects to be carried out.

The extensive and ongoing restoration work being carried out on the Grandmasters’ Palace will soon be complemented by similar projects on opposite buildings. Heritage Malta has undertaken to restore the Main Guard. The ground floor will act as an Interpretation Centre for the country’s capital city from an architectural aspect including underground sites. The upper floor will exhibit drawings and paintings that soldiers used to depict on walls when the building served as a regimental mess.

As from next year, there is to be a permanent opening for the viewing of the general public of wells and shelters that underlie Valletta. As part of Public Service Week at the end of next week, the public will be given the opportunity to view what underlies Valletta.

The Fortress Builders – a museum building that reflects fortification works – has also passed into the custody of Heritage Malta and will be transformed into an interpretation centre for intangible development, that is to enable visitors to see and understand better the workings of life in Valletta, including culinary items, feasts and carnivals held throughout the years.

Mario Cutajar explained that recent legislation strengthens the position of Heritage Malta and places it as the chief operational organisations that safeguards Maltese heritage. He said that investment will not only take place in Valletta but also in Cottonera where it is expected a new museum will be opened to reflect the history of the people of Malta.

Cutajar said a strong investment will take place to establish new priorities in Cottonera and this will reflect the influence of foreign development on Maltese culture and practices.

He also mentioned Rabat and said the vision of Heritage Malta is to focus on greater religious aspects and the impact of Christian, Jewish and Islamic influences.

He added that another project involves the relocation of the Natural History Museum from Mdina to Kalkara to join Esplora and yet another project will give a new appearance of an updated Heritage Malta.

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