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High-rise buildings on the rise: CPD vehicles at the height of their game

With high-rise buildings on the rise, the Department of Civil Protection has equipped itself with vehicles designed to reach considerable heights. A turn-table was inaugurated at the fire-station in Xemxija capable of reaching the height of about eleven floors. As we speak, the department has set its sights on purchasing vehicles able to reach to more than double that height.

The Department of Civil Protection has inaugurated a turn table ladder which was purchased with an investment of half a million euro. The vehicle can extend to a height of 32 meters.

Concurrently, an agreement was signed between the Department of Civil Protection and the Planning Authority, for the Authority to purchase another turn table ladder expected to cost € 690,000.

Civil Protection Department Director Emmanuel Psaila said that the intention was to have 10 vehicles for high-rise emergencies with the highest expected to reach a height of 70 meters or about 24 storeys.

“You can never get to the very top but at 70 meters we can haul up the tools and be more efficient – doing away with 70 metres of stairs makes life easier.’

Minister for Infrastructure Ian Borg said that revenue being generated by the Planning Authority from planning permits was being given back to the community. Borg said that in the coming weeks a new Authority would be announced that would handle construction quality and ensure safety.

Minister for National Security, Michael Farrugia said that this investment in the Department of Civil Protection formed part of a seven-year plan to ensure that the department had all the necessary resources at its disposal to carry out its functions.

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