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Higher stipend being considered for students who wish to teach certain subjects

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo  has told TVM that the Government is holding talks with the MUT to increase the stipends for those who wish to become teachers of subjects which the country is going to have a challenge to find teachers for, including teachers of English, Maths, the Sciences and IT.  During the inauguration of the new MUT offices, Minister Bartolo said that this is one of the measures being discussed for the country to prepare itself for the lack of teachers.

Minister Bartolo said that the country is going through what it described as a struggle to find teachers in these subjects.

”I believe that in order to cope with this challenge in the years to come, we need to come up with different measures. We need to be imaginative and brave and ready to take certain steps which to date have not been taken. In the new future, we need to have enough teachers because despite the advantage we have at the moment, that we have the biggest group of young teachers in the EU, eventually they will also get older and so we need to plan ahead for more teachers.”

Minister Bartolo said that for this academic year, 150 University students have chosen to read for a degree in education.

”I am very happy that this year we have doubled the number of young students who have enrolled for the education programme. But we cannot be content with this and say it is enough. We need to do more.”

During the inauguration of the new MUT offices, Minister Bartolo said that this building is not like a Cathedral in a desert but serves to work hard for the benefit of teachers. Without giving away any details he said that in the near future measures will be taken to reduce teachers’ workload.

MUT President Marco Bonnici said that the inauguration coincides with 100 years since the union was set up.  He said that the MUT will continue to spread its operations to fulfil the needs of its almost 10,000 members. H explained that part of the building will be used for commercial purposes so that the MUT will be able to finance various educational programmes.

”Our plan is that from the next scholastic year we will start distributing Sagħtar in schools. We will also start providing courses which are greatly needed for teachers; courses which will provide them with a professional formation and this will take MUT’s professional arm in a new direction.”

Archbishop Mons. Charles J. Scicluna praised the work of teachers because he said that teaching is the source of all that is beneficial.

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