Highest increase in pensions; changes in pension for disciplinary forces

The Government has announced that it will increase pensions as from 1 January by €7 per week, which will also include an increase in the cost of living.

Minister Edward Scicluna said this is the biggest increase which has been made in in one year for pensions, which the Government has increased every year over the last five years. The second highest increase was given 40 years ago.

Those who are over the age of 75 will begin travelling for free on public transport.

The grant given to the elderly over the age of 80 who still live on their own, will increase from €300 to €350. For the first time this grant will also be given to those who are paying to live in an old people’s home from their own pocket.

It has also been announced that there will be an adjustment in pensions for members of the disciplinary forces who retire after 25 yeas of service, who will have the choice of having their pension calculated from scratch when they reach pensionable age.

It was announced that the discrepancy which existed in the children’s allowance for widows between those who work and those who don’t will be removed, as they will all now receive €10 per week.