His disability does not faze him or stop him caring for his mother

A disabled mother and her thirty-year-old son who also has a disability told TVM that they live a simple but serene life despite their difficulties.

TVM spoke to Marica Bayliss who has prosthetic feet, and also to her son Clayton, who was born with a mental condition. The mother said that she never imagined that her son, who was supposed to die shortly after birth, would be a source of support, because today she finds it difficult to walk.

As soon as you meet him, the look in his eyes and his smile steals your heart. Clayton John Bayliss is now 30 years old, and lives with his mother Marica Bayliss, who has a disability and can hardly walk because years ago both parts of her legs were cut off.

Although Clayton and his mother face disability challenges, Clayton always has a smile, from morning to evening. “I always feel happy … it’s who I am.”

His mother, Marica, told us that before she had Clayton, she had another baby who died after birth, and when she had Clayton she was told that the baby would have some complications. “At the age of six he was operated on as he was born with a lot of water in his head, and they had to perform an operation to drain the water.”

Marica said that despite the challenges and suffering because she can barely walk, and also on account of Covid they spent long months locked up at home, she feels blessed because Clayton, despite being disabled, helps not only her but also some of their elderly neighbours.

“He helps me, today as I am practically immobile, I need him and he goes to help even the elderly, he helps the people on the street, and he buys things at his own pace.”

Clayton has several limitations, but miraculously he survived and is loved by many people, including his older brother, family and friends. Despite being aware of the challenges, Clayton’s smile never leaves him.

In his simplicity, Clayton blesses many people who get to know him, because despite suffering, and having certain limitations, he still remains happy, because he expects nothing, and is happy with what he has.