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“His words were and still are among the most effective means to overcome many prejudices” – PM

Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that Bishop Mario Grech was always a person with a strong voice, with thoughts which translated into words which imparted courage, toleration and hope.

Dr Abela added that Monsignor Grech’s words were and still are the most effective means of helping to overcome many prejudices around us, particularly towards those who end up isolated or on the periphery in our society.

The Prime Minister described these as among Bishop Mario Grech’s best qualities which had been noted.

Dr Abela added he is certain the same elements which moulded Monsignor Grech during his pastoral duties in the community, particularly in the Gozitan community, will be making the difference for the Catholic Church to get closer to the people, to families, and this through his work also in the duties entrusted to him.