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Historic agreement between Malta and Manchester United team

A historic agreement reached between the Tourism Authority and the Manchester United team will lead to Malta’s name being given exposure in new markets, including in America and Asia.

In the course of a visit to Old Traddord, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi stated that this partnership with the British team, with more than one billion supporters worldwide, is part of a Government strategy for Malta to be the Mediterranean destination.

From Saturday, Malta’s name will be splashed across every corner of the majestic Old Trafford stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in the UK with a 76,000 spectator capacity.

This has become possible following a partnership for the next three years between the Malta Tourism Authority and the Manchester United team, one of the teams with the largest following, running up to over one billion supporters worldwide.

During a visit to the Manchester United Training Centre, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi stated that Malta will increase its exposure big time. This because Malta’s name will travel the four corners of the earth on the English club’s social media. Minister Mizzi added that this agreement fits in perfectly with Government’s vision to make Malta the leading destination in the Mediterranean.

“Together with the club, we will be using Facebook and social media, and along with their players we will be promoting Malta in new markets including the US, Japan, South Korea, perhaps even China. We may even bring over players to Malta in world class events held in Malta to promote the country as the best destination in the Med, which we are aspiring for.”

In the words of Tourism Authority Chairman Gavin Gulia, this partnership is historic for Malta.

“Naturally this will serve as a show window for Malta, as Manchester United are known worldwide, which means Malta’s name will be given worldwide exposure. Tourism is advertising and marketing, and this is obviously an important method, the most important ever in the MTA’s history.”

The first among tourists planning to visit Malta for the first time is the Manchester United star, Spanish international Juan Mata.

”I’ve never been in Malta but I love to travel, I love to discover new countries and new cultures and yes of course, I would like to go at some point to relax and enjoy, probably in summer. Nice food, nice weather and yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson found out about Malta by chance, as his wife’s parents owned a house in Imsida.

”First I went to Malta I was sort of 19 years old so over the last 10 years, I’ve actually been back there. I’ve had some great holidays over in Malta. The beaches are great. Over the years, the hotels have really improved. There’s great bars and restaurants. The weather is always really good, so it’s great island to visit.”

During a media conference, Manchester United officials remarked that the special link between the team and Malta goes back to 1959, with the setting up of the Mnchester United Supporters’ Club – the oldest Man United supporters’ club outside the UK.

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