Historic Tad-Dejma cross in Ħal Qormi smashed

A person or persons unknown carried out vandal acts on the Salib tad-Dejma sited at Ħal Qormi, near the industrial zone.

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Josè Herrera has condemned this act, describing it as despicable.

“It is unacceptable that our heritage is destroyed and vandalised. When are we going to learn to appreciate that which makes us what we are?” the Minister remarked.

Minister Herrera added he would ensure all necessary steps are taken to apprehend the perpetrator of this vandal act, and stressed the time had come to invest more in civic pride, knowledge of our history, and the appreciation of culture.

The Ħal Qormi Local Council has filed a Police report and is in contact with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage regarding its repair.

Centuries ago the Salib tad-Dejma used to serve as a gathering point where Dejma soldiers would meet up before being given instructions for guard duties, and is named Tad-Dejma for this very reason.

Meanwhile, Tal-Ħandaq secondary school remarked on its Facebook page that it had long been asking for the area to be repaired and complained about the state of abandon in the area, whilst insisting it is a pity to have beautiful schools surrounded by waste.

The school expressed its satisfaction that action is to be taken, and stressed that what happened today should instil a sense of civic urgency so that monuments like these are safeguarded from such cowardly acts.