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Holland: Staff asked to submit photographs wearing underwear

A leading company in Holland has ended up in the middle of a controversy after it asked its staff to submit photographs of themselves half-naked, just in their underwear, so that measurements could be taken for their uniforms.

Albert Heijn, a well-known supermarket chain, notified its staff that it was planning to issue them with new uniforms.  In order to ensure the uniforms perfectly complemented their figure, the management asked them to use a special app to submit photographs of themselves wearing tight clothing or in their underwear.

Many of the workers, several of whom are under-aged, were shocked at this request, saying they initially thought it was some sort of joke.

Although the company pointed out that staff could take part on a voluntary basis, an email to the staff allegedly stated that the procedure was mandatory.

The pilot project, which was planned to be spread to about 1,000 outlets run by the company in Holland, has now been stopped. The company stated it would be deleting the photographs of staff members who had already complied.


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