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Hong Kong: People to pay for regular tests if they are not vaccinated

In Hong Kong, government workers in education and those in the health sector are now obliged to receive the anti-Covid vaccine or they will have to pay for regular swab tests.

The decision was announced by Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam, in a further effort to have more people vaccinated.

Hong Kong has been almost two months without any new Covid cases as life almost returned to normal, except for restrictions on traveling and quarantine for visitors.

However, authorities are trying to motivate more persons to be inoculated, with businesses providing incentives to workers who accept to be vaccineted.

A lottery with a one million dollar prize was also introduced for those who received the vaccine. The Hong Kong government will continue to provide free vaccination till the end of October, as only a third of the population received the two doses while half of the residents were vaccinated with the first dose.