Foreign Affairs
Hong Kong: Thousands protest against extradition Bill

In Hong Kong, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the Bill which will allow those accused of suspected crimes to be extradited back to what is considered as the actual country, China. This is because although Hong Kong is a city which is part of China, for many years it has operated under a semi-autonomous system.

Thousands are protesting because they do not wish to see Hong Kong’s semi-autonomy being controlled by Beijing.  The protestors wore masks and blocked a number of streets in the main rounds supporting Government buildings. The Police used various methods to control the crowds and warned that it was even ready to use force.

Because of the protests, the Legislative Council has postponed the second reading of the Bill however the Government has already stated that the demonstrations would not affect the process in any way to introduce the proposed law. The final vote is expected to be taken on 20 June.