House at Seminary to serve as accommodation for foreign priests studying theology in Malta

A house at the entrance to the Seminary at Tal-Virtù will be changed into a residence to welcome foreign priests studying theology in Malta. The house will be named Casa Fratelli Tutti, with lecturer Dun Mark Zammit telling TVM that the aim of this project will also serve as an experience of integration for priests studying in our country. The project is being carried out following an agreement by means of which the Church in Malta has loaned the property to the Faculty of Theology.

Dun Patrick and Dun Vito are two priests from Zambia who are attending a two year course at the University of Malt to obtain their theology license. Dun Mark Zammit met with them recently outside of the house which is being transformed into a residence for those who are following this course, which is intended for those who already have a sound knowledge in theology.

Dun Mark Zammit said, “our students are trained to confront every experience and every situation which they may come across within the Church and society. That is why we give them a background of psychology, spirituality, how to handle people, how to help themselves as well as how to not to become too emotionally involved in people’s problems. However in all this we not only teach them what it is to serve others, but especially how to bring God to the people.”

Dun Zammit said that among the international students attending this course there are currently five priests from Africa, and there is the intention to bring some priests from Asia as well. He expressed his belief that in this way, they will achieve their aim to integrate people from various places who will study together and share what they have learned with one another in order to provide a better service to the different realities of the Church around the world.

The five African priests are currently living in a place provided by the priests from the Soċjeta’ Missjunarja ta’ San Pawl in Rabat and the Carmelite priests in Balluta. Dun Lazarus Maloya from Malawi has been living at the convent in Sliema for a year and four months. He hopes the course will help him in his work in education and with the sick in Malawi. He said he was made to feel very welcome here and praised the idea of a home where priests like himself can live together during their studies.

Dun Lazarus Maloya said, “I strongly recommend people to support this project, because it will strengthen the bonds between the Church in Africa and also here in Malta and also sharing of experiences between the two areas.”

The name Casa Fratelli Tutti comes from the encyclical of Pope Francis who preached solidarity and the need for unity.

Dun Mark Zammit said, “this project will serve to help our brothers from different countries in their formation, in other words it is not just for them to study with us but also for us to learn from each other, by sharing our experiences and values.”

The Faculty of Theology will be financing the works to transform the house and to cover the daily expenses.

Those who wish to donate to this project can do so as follows:

IBAN number: MT81APSB77013000000035387310036
Isem tal-kont: AOM – Faculty of Theology (Support to African Student-Priests)