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House of Commons to be suspended for 5 weeks, ordered by Boris Johnson

At the height of a parliamentary crisis on Brexit, the House of Commons will be suspended for five weeks following an order by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Opposition deputies maintain that they will not support the motion for a general election on the 15th October, until a legislation is enacted to block a Brexit without agreement.

Johnson insists that the United Kingdom will exit the European Union on the 31st October, irrelevant of having an agreement with Brussels or not. The Opposition proposed legislation, approved by the British Parliament, commits Prime Minister Johnson.

The law was described by the Government as rubbish, while Johnson was warned that he may face legal actions if he disregards the law.

Labour Party MP Hilary Benn said, “We’re dealing with a Prime Minister here who is going around the country saying “well I may not do what the law requires”, now … there’s only one other way of squaring that circle, and that would be for the Prime Minister to resign.”

Johnson stated that the state will fail if his decision is not supported and no agreement is reached with the EU at the 18th October summit. ”That outcome would be a failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible.”

Johnson said during a meeting with the Irish Prime Minister that he is confident an agreement will be reached.

”I do believe that a deal can be done by October the 18th, so let’s do it together. Thank you very much.”

The issue of UK’s border with the Irish Republic following Brexit is one of the major and controversial issues still pending between the British Government and Brussels.

Meanwhile, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow announced he will resign if a general election is called or later on at the end of October. Bercow said that after 10 years as Speaker, it is time he steps down.

”I could not do so without the support of a small but superb team in Speaker’s House, the wider House staff, my Buckingham constituents, and above all my wife, Sally, and our three children, Oliver, Freddie and Jemima.”

Bercow, a former Conservative Party deputy, in recent years faced criticism by pro-Brexit supporters who expressed doubts about his impartiality.

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