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House Speaker’s ruling on Konrad Mizzi’s contract

Parliament’s Speaker, Dr Anġlu Farrugia, said that the members of the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee could not make questions on the contract given by the Tourism Authority to Labour deputy, Konrad Mizzi, before the authority’s audited accounts are presented in the House.

Speaker Farrugia gave the ruling after a request by Government’s whip, Glenn Bedingfield, who said that the contract was withdrawn before payments were effected.

The House Speaker stated that the Public Accounts Committee was discussing the Tourism Authority’s financial estimates after they were approved by Parliament.

He said that the estimates do not include the audited accounts of the same year, adding that the Authority has a number of weeks after the closing of the financial year to present the audited accounts to the Finance Minister. Dr Farrugia also said
that three members of the committee can make a request to the Auditor General for a report on the issue.

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