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Housing Authority offers assistance to the families affected by apartment demolition in Guardamanġia

The Housing Authority said it will be offering the necessary assistance to families affected by the demolition of part of a block of apartments in Guardamangia.

In a statement the Housing Authority said it was informed that all four families affected were already given alternative accommodation by the contractor.

During the day, representatives from the Housing Authority were present at the scene of the incident and set about working to see that all affected families were given the necessary assistance in such a difficult and fraught moment.

Having spoken to each of the affected families, the Authority will also be offering assistance to enable these families to buy the basics and to be able to continue with their lives. The Authority will be providing financial assistance to all persons affected according to their individual requirements.

The Authority will remain in close contact with each family and will continue following the case to ensure to offer any assistance required.

The Authority has also been in constant contact with Parliamentary Secretary for Housing Roderick Galdes who is taking heed of the latest developments on the case.

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