How can you stop smoking?

Around one out of every five people in Malta smoke.

During the programme TVAM, Nurse Joseph Grech explained that people usually start smoking to experiment but then continue to smoke because of stress and because they become dependent on nicotine.

He said that there are many people who smoke who at one time or another think about stopping. He said that many stop because of their health but there are other reasons, including one woman who decided to stop because she was unhappy to be so dependent on cigarettes.

He explained that nicotine is bad and said that its use in plants is to chase away insects.

According to Mr Grech, increasing taxes on cigarettes and putting certain photos on the packet helps people not to smoke.

During the interview, he spoke about the methods which exist to stop smoking.

Watch the full interview which was carried out on TVAM on TVMiTVAM is transmitted from Monday to Friday at 7am.

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