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How did Renato and Alison White meet?

Nazzareno Alessandro Micallef, better known as Renato, is married to the popular dancer Alison White. But how did they meet? And were they immediately interested in each other?

Renato and Alison met at a hotel in the prime of their youth, where Alison happened to be performing with the rest of her dancers in a dance show.

However, as explained in an interview with Angela Agius during the programme ‘Niskata’, only Renato seemed to be the one who was attracted.

Alison, in fact was engaged to a British guy at the time and therefore hardly paid any attention to the singer from B’Kara.

However, one thing led to another and Renato and Alison ended up going out together and eventually got married in England on a freezing cold day.

Renato began his singing career when he was just 12 years old and among other things he took part in the Malta Song Festival in 1971 and won it.

Four years later in  1975, he represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm Sweden with ‘Singing This Song’.

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