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How long will immunity last after the second dose?

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci has stated it still has to be established how long immunity will last after administration of the covid-19 vaccine.

Professor Gauci explained during her weekly medical bulletin that a person will start building immunity with the first dose, and will continue to boost it with the second dose.

“We still have to find out how long this immunity will last after the vaccination,” Professor Gauci stated.

The Superintendent explained, however, that vaccine manufacturers are adapting will to the variants that are surfacing.

Professor Gauci added that in the event we will need another vaccination to continue to boost our immunity, this will be offered to the public on the basis of scientific evidence.

In reference to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Professor Gauci said the Maltese authorities are following international authorities, including the European Medicines Authority.

Asked about the vaccine uptake by the Maltese, the Superintendent replied that very few in number were refusing the invitation to be vaccinated.