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How many persons in Malta are presently in quarantine?

A total of 7,258 persons are presently in quarantine in Malta, a number which the Public Health Superintendent described as very substantial and which is impacting on everyone.

Professor Charmaine Gauci stressed during today’s update that if one is experiencing symptoms, it is important that one remains at home and books a swab test. The Superintendent added that even if the Covid test turns out to be negative, one should remain at home until one is cured.

In reply to journalists’ questions regarding the best time to undergo a swab test, Professor Gauci stated that the fifth day from when one is exposed is a good day to be swabbed.

The Superintendent reminded that one can book a swab test through the electronic site. Some 9,500 persons have booked tests since the site was launched in November.

Professor Gauci reiterated her appeal for the use of the Covid contact tracing app, which has to date been downloaded by 19% of the population who are of digital age. A total of 529 persons who tested positive were given a code for the app, which alerted others with whom they had been in contact.

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