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How much did tourists spend in Malta in June?

The positive trend in tourism has continued as National Statistics Office figures show that last June, 14,699 more tourists visited Malta than June of last year.

NSO stated that the 5.5% increase in tourists during June led to a total of over 280,000 tourists. There was a significant increase of 17% in tourists coming from non-EU countries, which totaled just under 50,000.

The NSO figures also show that in June tourists spent over €235 million in Malta – almost 11% more than June 2018. During the first six months of the year, tourists generated over €883 million in the Maltese economy. On average, the tourists spent €731 during their holiday in Malta.

The number of tourists who visited Malta during the first six months of the year increased by almost 4% and reached over one million and two hundred thousand.

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