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How much time do you spend sitting down?

Physical exercise which strengthens the muscles is recommended for adults to remain active throughout their lives.

This is being recommended by leading doctors in the UK, because statistics clearly show that those who remain active are less at risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression.

The statistics also show that those who remain active even in old age reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

It is important healthwise for one to remain active and perform physical exercises, as this reduces muscle and bone degeneration.

For adults between the ages of 19 and 64, daily exercise is recommended, with exercise at least twice weekly in order to further strengthen the body’s muscular system. Conversely,  inactivity, as in sitting down, should not be for long periods.

For the over-65s, physical exercise like walking, Thai Chi or dancing is recommended. The elderly should also not remain inactive for long periods.

Pregnant women should carry out about 150 minutes of moderate to slightly intensive exercise per week. Very strenuous physical exercise is not recommended, however, if this type of exercise has not been carried out previously. During pregnancy, women shoul concentrate on about 150 minutes of physical exercise per week in order to strengthen muscles.


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