How one can diet without eliminating sugar

Up to some time ago, fat content was the worst ingredient for anyone on a diet; before that, it was salt, and now it’s sugar!

Many of those who start dieting immediately avoid consuming anything with a sugar content, including honey, soft drinks, confectionery and even certain fruit like bananas. Some diets even recommend eliminating, or at least cutting down on dairy products.

Nutrition experts note that excessive consumption of sugar can lead to obesity, and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Not everyone is in agreement, however, that sugar should be eliminated completely, as this is not good for the brain. Research shows that the brain interprets dieting as hunger, and for this reason stores fat for future use. Dieting can be stressful, and can create anxiety and depression.

Some dieters even become obsessed with the food they eat, and start being afraid to eat certain foods. Between 7% and 58% of people could be suffering from this condition, but what is certain is that 15% of women have suffered from this problem at some stage in their lives.

It is suggested that instead of salty or sweet foods, the best alternative is spicy food.

What is certain is that one’s food should consist mainly of fruit and vegetables, with the occasional sweet item, to transmit a message to the brain that one has a good relationship with food, and is not scared of it!

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