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How re-opening of Church schools will proceed

The Secretariat for Christian Education has announced how Church schools will be re-opening following the relaxation of measures announced yesterday by the authorities.

It was pointed out in a statement that Church schools at kindergarten and primary level will physically re-open on Monday, 12 April, with the observance of health protocols. Schools with an alternating attendance system because of space restrictions will continue with this system.

At the same time, secondary schools will be starting lessons online on Monday, 12 April, and will then physically open on Wednesday, 14 April.

It was also stated that each school will decide which years and which classes will be attending on the day, equivalent to two forms, with the rest starting physically on the Friday. Some secondary schools also have an alternating system of attendance because of limited space.

It was also confirmed that on Wednesday some Church secondary schools will hold Form 5s examinations.

Church Sixth Forms will open on Monday, 12 April, according to indications from their heads of schools. At the same time, discussions will continue, leading to their physical opening according to health protocols.

Parents are urged to follow instructions they will receive from their respective schools.

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