How to become an overnight millionaire

When one becomes a millionaire, this doesn’t normally happen in the blink of an eye. This, however, appeared to be the destiny of one man when he checked his bank account one morning.

Luc Mahieux from Dinant in Belgium found out that someone had deposited money in his card account, and immediately started feeling that all his financial problems had been solved, as he had suddenly become wealthy overnight.

Mahieux’s joy at finding two million euro in his credit card account didn’t last long, as just five days later the sum was withdrawn by anti-fraud squad officials.

It resulted that the Iban from which the money had been moved was similar to a well-known site, and some time ago a man had just cancelled a subscription costing 30 euro per month.

The anti-fraud technicians still cannot explain how this amount of money ended up in Mahieux’s account, and likewise from where the transfer had been made.



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