How to overcome sleeplessness without pills and medications

Sleeplessness can result from a number of factors. Equally, there are several ways to tackle this problem, not necessarily involving tranquillisers, sleeping pills or other medications.

Asked by the presenter what can be done to avoid taking medication against sleeplessness, Commissioner for Mental Heath Dr John Cachia replied that there are various methods of self-help to do away with one’s thoughts. Dr Cachia explained that an individual can get through the day with enjoyable hobbies, like taking a walk or some activity that helps one to temporarily forget problems and becoming calmer and less stressed out as a result. Cachia added that meditation and yoga are other methods of self-help, further stating that some persons relax by visiting a church.

“These are all different solutions, far detached from pills and medicines which can help an individual to find a balance in life, and provide relief towards a clearer mind for one’s actions.” Dr Cachia added that unfortunately, we are living in a society that has got used to the maxim that ‘for every end, there is a pill’, and this is leading to the rate of prescriptions for tranquillisers and sleeping pills remaining on the high side.