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How will the proposed law on equality affect our daily lives?

How will the proposed law on equality affect our daily lives? This was one of the points discussed this morning during the TVAM programme, with the Legal Counsel within the Ministry for Justice, Equality and Governance Dr Desiree Attard and Dr Miriam Sciberras from Life Network Foundation.

Dr Attard explained that the Government is presently debating two draft laws: one on quality, in which it is joining the principles of the existing law and adding to them, and the second being a draft law which will establish a new commission to replace the NCPE. Dr Sciberras, on her part, stated that the proposed law will not, in reality, advance equality in society, adding that through the principle of discrimination, laws could be introduced which are presently not legal.

Detached from the technicalities of the drafts, TVAM asked how this law will affect, among others, doctors and schools, particularly Church schools. Can a Church school employ staff on the basis of their faith? Can it choose a Principal according to his beliefs? Can a doctor refuse to provide medical treatment which goes against his principles?

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