MPs who cast No Confidence votes yesterday determined more than ever to act in the interests of the country and the PN

Over the last 24 hours during which the Leader of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, became subject to a No Confidence vote by 19 MPs of his Parliamentary Group of 30 MPs, the MPs that voted against him have appealed to Dr Delia that in these disturbing circumstances he puts the interests of the Nationalist Party and the country in the forefront.

In a statement signed by Chris Said and Therese Comodini Cachia, on behalf of the 19 MPs who expressed their No Confidence in the Party Leader, said they are determined to ensure that in the best interests of the country and the Nationalist Party, the country deserves the chance to regain the confidence of the electorate and provide an alternative Government.

This follows Dr Delia’s statement at the end of yesterday’s meeting that he intends to remain Leader of the Party and Leader of the Opposition to respect the wishes of Party Members who voted for his leadership while continuing to fight against the corruption and the criminality that has swept over the country.

It is not known whether President Dr George Vella has been officially informed of these developments which affect the Constitutional aspect of the Opposition Leader.

During last night’s media conference, Dr Delia said the situation is to be discussed by the Executive Committee but its President, Dr Alex Perici Calascione, told TVM that so far he has not received any request for a meeting to be held.

During a media conference at 2 am this morning, exactly at the end of the five-hour meeting of the PN Parliamentary Group during which almost two thirds of the Group cast a no confidence vote in Dr Delia, the Party Leader addressed journalists.

He said that while respecting the decision taken by the Group he also respected the decision of Party card holders who clearly opted repetitively that he should remain for the whole of this legislature.

Dr Delia said he will not resign and will continue in the office as Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationalist Party. He said he has called for a meeting of the Executive Committee.

He said that during that meeting he would recall the power he has been given to revise the Party Statute and this should be discussed there.

However, in a comment to TVM, the President of the PN Executive Committee, Dr Alex Perici Calascione, said that at this point he has not received a formal request for a meeting to be held. He explained that normally this Committee convenes on a monthly basis but according to the Statute, if the Party Leader of the President of the General Council request, he is duty-bound to convene a meeting as soon as possible.

He said that certainly this is not a happy situation and thus a situation that has to be addressed and he imagines that if a request is made, there will be discussions on this point.

Dr Perici Calascione said that over and above powers, the Executive Committee has the responsibility of discussing every political development, including decisions taken by the Parliamentary Group. According to the Party Statute it is only the General Council that may remove Dr Delia as the party’s Leader.

The Youth Branch of the Nationalist Party, the MŻPN, said that after having lost the confidence vote made by the Parliamentary Group, Dr Adrian Delia should renounce his position while it argued that no person is greater than the Party.