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Huge blow for Theresa May, as Brexit deal does not pass and she faces no confidence vote

The majority of MPs in the House of Commons have voted against the Brexit deal which PM Theresa May had negotiated with the EU.

Theresa May lost the vote by a huge margin of 230 votes. The votes were 202 in favour and 432 against. This was a huge blow for May who is now expected to present a new Brexit deal.

Immediately after the vote, Theresa May said that the no-confidence motion will be presented for debate on Wednesday. However if the Government wins the confidence vote, May said that she would hold discussions with all members of the House to reach a consensus.

The leader of the British Labour party Jeremy Corbyn said that this was a very powerful vote against May’s Government and the greatest defeat for a Government in the UK’s recent political history. He announced that he would be moving a motion of no confidence in the Government.

The President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker in a Tweet appealed to the UK to clarify its intentions quickly because the deadline for Brexit was about to expire.

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk wrote that if it was impossible to reach an agreement, and if no one wants one, then he asked who would have the courage to say what the only solution should be.

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