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Human rights and Constitution are the pillars of democracy – President

The President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca recalled that this year is the 70th anniversary of the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

During her speech on the occasion of Republic Day, the President said that Fundamental Human Rights represent the pillars on which full democracy and peace rest, as well as being the main roots of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta.

She added that this Declaration, together with our Constitution, remain the backbone in the way we should live with another. and if there is an awareness and full respect towards the Constitution, then our behaviour, our quality of life, and our country’s human environment will be strengthened.

She added that the Declaration of Human Rights is universal and this means that these rights have no borders or nationality.  That is why we should insist that the rights of those who visit us, even immigrants,  should be fully protected without any favours or being minimised in any way.

The President said that the economy can never celebrate human dignity if, at its core, there is no awareness that those who are most in need should receive the most help possible.

She, therefore, urged that during this time when economic growth has been unprecedented, we will continue to strengthen and develop the culture of permanent social solidarity.

More details as they come in.

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