VIDEO: “The loss of Ismael is not easy to bear, especially for his mother and his four sisters whom he also regarded as his mothers”

Hundreds of young people paid their last respects to Ismael Grima, the 21-year-old man who tragically lost his life in a traffic accident early last Saturday in Luqa. The young man’s coffin was carried into St. Julian’s Parish on the shoulders of his relatives and friends. Hundreds of people were present, including relatives and friends who rallied around family members, in particular his mother and four sisters.

Those present adhered to the appeal made yesterday by his friends, to wear the funeral clothes that reflect Ismael’s cheerful character who was best known by his nickname Zy.

In his homily, Parish Priest of Valletta’s San Duminku Church, Father Michael Camilleri, described Ismael as having a cheerful character who loved to joke, loved life and attracted people to his personality.

Father Camilleri said Ismael’s life on earth is now a closed chapter but a new chapter has been opened elsewhere.

At the end of the Funeral Mass his coffin was carried outside the church to the tune of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and a group of people placed a Liverpool FC flag on hi coffin accompanied by a burst of clapping and the shedding of many tears.

Ismael lost his life early Saturday morning after being involved in a nasty traffic accident on Council of Europe Street when the young man lost control of a BMW320 CD Sport car and crashed into a wall. The car ended up in a field and suffered extensive damage so much so that he was certified dead on the spot and his passenger seriously injured.

His tragic death has led to a sea of ​​heartbreaking messages from many young people he has met throughout his short life. Even in recent days many of them visited and left flowers and messages of love at the scene of the accident.