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Hundreds watch Red Arrows spectacular show in Qawra

The International Air Show resumes today following Saturday’s static exhibition at the airport and the spectacular show by various military aircraft and the Red Arrows over the area of Qawra and Buġibba.

After an absence of three years, hundreds of people were thrilled with acrobatic air perfomances by nine participants at the 26th edition of the International Air Show.

The spectacle along the Qawra coast included among others aircraft from air forces of France, Switzerland and Turkey, together with a spectacular show by the Red Arrows who returned to Malta after seven years.

Aviation enthusiasts, Maltese families and tourists enjoyed the afternoon to assist the air show spectacle. “It’s very fun, I like it it a lot, my favorite one was of the loud jet. Ye the loud jet”.

Red Arrows squad leader Adam Collins told TVM that the Red Arrows return to the Maltese Islands was a special occasion for the British team. “It’s a wonderful country, the weather is beautiful and it’s great to see so many people who are interested in our display and we’re excited to show our display this afternoon”.