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“It is a matter of concern the PM has not resigned” – MEP Sophie in’t Veld, Head of visiting EU Delegation

The EU Parliament Delegation has ended its brief in Malta by concluding that developments in the country have to be discussed in EU institutions. The Head of the Delegation expressed concerns including the fact that the Prime Minister has still retained his position.

Following the two-day visit which investigated the Rule of Law in the country, the Delegation Head, Sophie in’t Veld, stated it is a matter of concern that PM Joseph Muscat has not as yet resigned his position. The Dutch Europarliamentarian also expressed concern that Parliament has now adjourned to 20th January of next year.

“The next forty days are going to be crucial in the murder investigation and we do not want any risk or even a perceived risk, which is just as serious, that the investigation can or may be comprised in any way. There has to be absolute confidence in the process and I think when he is in office that confidence is not there,” she said.

Sophie in’t Veld expressed her opinion that it would not be a bad idea if the PM is himself interrogated by Police, even in his own interest, and she explained why.

“Mr Schembri whose name pops up in every case related to people who are in the murder case, corruption, off-shore companies, whatever. So what does that say about the Prime Minister? I mean either he’s been incredibly naive when all of this was going on under his nose or he was part of the problem he was working together with Mr Schembri, or his judgement was completely faulty. So I think it’s also in his own interest and because if he says, I’ve got nothing to do with everything, then maybe he should give all the information.”

She went on to say that the Rule of Law in Malta will have to be discussed by the EU’s institutions at once.

In a comment to journalists, MEP Roberta Metsola said she had been given no reply when she asked Police why Konrad Mizzi had not been investigated over the Panama Papers. The German Socialist MEP Birgit Sippe said the Prime Minister should resign at once so as to not create doubts about the ongoing investigations.

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