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“I augur that he remains with the people, for the people” – President Emeritus George Abela

The Abela family is not new to politics and neither to the President’s Palace. Today’s ceremony however was a special occasion, especially for the Prime Minister’s parents: President Emeritus George Abela and his wife Margaret.

Dr George Abela said that his son should remain the person he pledged to be during the campaign – with the people and for the people.

“I am certain about his qualities, a determined person; he was always his own man, an independent brain and always embraced leadership qualities which we dearly need”.

Dr Robert Abela’s mother Margaret shares the same views. “Although we always encouraged him, the decision was always his and his wife’s, to enter for this position”.

His sister Maria, who lives in Italy and traveled specifically for the swearing in ceremony, said “I wish him well, to Lydia and all the family. May he start his work and continue with great success”.

TVM also spoke with Robert’s parents-in-law: Lilly and Anthony Zerafa. “I always backed them; they always found me by their side and will continue to do so. When they need me, I will always be there”, Lilly Zerafa said. Anthony said: “I augur Robert every success for our country and people. I also augur my daughter Lydia to be the right hand for our Prime Minister”.

Mrs Lydia Abela is among five siblings – four girls and a boy – all of them attended the swearing in ceremony of Dr Abela as Prime Minister.

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