“I can bring something dead back to life” – Gozitan artist creates beautiful sculptures

The artistic talent and skilful hands of a sculptor from Xagħra have created various works made from wood and other material which will be exhibited on Sunday in one of the first art exhibitions in Gozo since the pandemic has started to slow down.

Gozitan artist Mario Agius said that in a piece of stone, marble or the branch of a tree he sees something alive and thinks of it as a figure. It is in this spirit that Mr Agius embarks on a new piece of sculpture which takes time to complete, but gives him immense satisfaction.

Over the last few months, the artist has been working hard and completed a number of works which will be on display at the exhibit entitled “Reflections” at the Mużew il-Ħaġar, in the heart of Victoria, Gozo.

“Reflections” is an exhibition which is a reflection of the life of each and every one of us. What does reflection mean? Life, death, suffering, joy which I create out of every discarded branch, out from every stone which is thrown away; I am able to create nature. I give it life. I can bring something dead back to life…life through my sculpture.”

He said that what fascinates him the most is wood from the olive tree, and brought as an example a crucifix which he created out of one branch, and he even sculpted the hands from the same curve of the branch.

Mario Agius studied design and sculpture in Malta and abroad.