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“I cried a lot … the Maltese will think we are not grateful”

A Nigerian migrant expressed his regret for the riots at the Ħal Far detention centre, where he has lived for the past six months.

Speaking with TVM, Nuri Mohammed said that when they heard the disturbance, he and his friends locked themselves inside because they were afraid. He stated that shortly afterwards they escaped from the centre because they feared about the outcome of events.

Nuri added that he was saddened by the incidents and cried a lot, because he doesn’t want that the Maltese think that migrants are not grateful that they rescued them from the sun and sea, and welcomed them.

While apologizing, he stated that although most of the migrants are Africans, this does not mean they are one group and that each person is different from the other.

Other migrants who spoke with TVM also expressed their regret for the events and do not want to be treated as the ones who caused the trouble.

Follow Nuri’s comments to Keith Demicoli here:

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