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“I do not communicate with Keith Schembri” – PM

New Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela’s began his second day in office slightly late (just before 10 am) as on the previous evening at midnight he was still in his office at Kastilja completing his Cabinet details. Before entering to commence his second day’s work he stopped to chat to a group of children from Mqabba Primary School and invited them into his office while responding to the questions of journalists. He was categorical regarding any relations with Keith Schembri and said he has no communication with him at all.

The schoolchildren were accompanied by their teacher and carrying out a project related to Social Studies. Descending from his car, the PM went straight up to the children and spoke to them and invited them to visit his office.

Facing the media he was asked about Keith Schembri’s mobile after it was reported that an app had indicated that two days ago, the mobile, which had been reported as missing, was activated.

Dr Abela said he had not been informed and he had absolutely and categorically not spoken with Schembri and he does not communicate with Schembri.

When asked about three Labour MPs currently subject to an Inquiry he pointed out this was not a criminal inquiry and the investigations were not criminal investigations but investigations to gather facts and any proof available.

He said that so far only allegations have been made and he did not intend to every time act on mere allegations as to whom to appoint or otherwise. Criminal investigations are carried out by the Police.

The PM added that if the Magisterial Inquiry concludes there is a sufficient prima face case for criminal procedures to be taken, the situation would change.

He was also asked about the position of former PM Joseph Muscat, being investigated by the Commission Against Corruption for gifts alleged to have been made to him.

Dr Abela said it has first to be seen whether Dr Muscat will hold an executive position and it was premature to deliberate on whether he will hold such a position or not.

The PM said the decisions he is taking address good governance.

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