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I do not feel comfortable that a woman is placed in Parliament without being elected – Marlene Mizzi

Labour Euro MP, Marlene Mizzi, said that she disagrees with quotas and that a person is given a position or is elected in Parliament simply because the individual is a man or a woman.

During Ras imb ras programme, Marlene Mizzi stressed that she believes in meritocracy and that a person is selected for the skills he or she has.

Therefore, instead of quotas in elections, she suggested that the people have a better list of candidates which will include more women. She stated that she is not comfortable that a woman is placed in Parliament in an artificial way without being elected.

Marlene Mizzi added that in order to encourage more women in politics, among others, Parliament’s time should be changed to morning sessions and said that even today, a woman is seen in society as the person responsible for children. She stated that with Parliament meeting in afternoon sessions, it is difficult for a woman to meet daily needs and suggested that there should be a child care centre in Parliament.

During the programme, to be transmitted this evening, Marlene Mizzi also spoke on her experience in the European Parliament and what led her not to contest the next European Parliament elections.

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