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“I don’t want you to hear me screaming” – last phone call to her mother before dying

“I’m going to hang up, I don’t want you to hear me screaming.” These were Gloria Trevisan’s last words to her mother, just minutes before she lost her life in the Grenfell Towers inferno in London last year.

Trevisan, who was just 26, lost her life together with her partner and 70 others in the tragedy which took place on the night of 14 June, 2017.

The relatives of some of the victims are shedding some light on the last moments of their dear ones, through evidence they are giving to authorities in investigations about this tragedy.

Trevisan’s mother stated that she heard her daughter telling her on the phone she planned to jump from the window, and that the fire had already reached their sitting room. “I can’t believe this is the end. I can’t end it like this,” she had told her.

Her daughter then told her she was going to hang up, as she did not want her mother to hear her screams. She told her mother she wished she would become unconscious and not feel anything, and wished also to spend her last moments of life with her partner Marco. “She told us to be strong,” the mother recounted.

Trevisan’s father added that he feels his life is ended, adding that if he had had a gun at the time, he would have ended his life.



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