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“I encourage women to believe in themselves”

This evening, PBS launched the official video of Je Me Casse song interpreted by Destiny, who will represent Malta in next May’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This is the second time that Destiny worked on a Eurovision song, after last year this international festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. Destiny said that since last year she had the opportunity to improve her product and this song represents what she believes in – that a woman should believe in herself, even if she is criticised because of what she is.

Je Me Casse, a contemporary song, has an official video with an executive production by the Public Broadcasting Services. A Gospel-inspired song and other music genre, such as electro and pop, which reflects the attitude of the singer with a strong message on what a woman believes in.

“I truly believe in this song because it recalls the independence of women, we do not need men to tell us what to do…I ma really happy with the song and eager to represent you”, Destiny said.

Je Me Casse is the product of an international music production, with four songwriters and composers who gained fame in the world musical scene.

Together with a PBS team, Destiny is determined to be successful when the song is interpreted in The Netherlands. “I will do my best; three minutes in which I will enjoy myself, do my best and leave everything in God’s hands”.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be presented with a number of restrictions due to Covid. The songs will be interpreted live during the biggest television spectacle in the world during the pandemic.

Destiny will be representing Malta in the first semi-final on the 18th of next May.

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