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“I ended up owing €90,000” – former nun who lived for her gambling

A former nun tells how for twelve whole years her life revolved around her gambling. Speaking during INSIGHTS on TVM, Doris Sant admitted to ending up in a tight spot, with accumulated debts of LM40,000 over the years, as a result of her gambling.

Doris Sant tells how she spent many sleepless nights thinking about her problems when the sharks who had loaned her money started to chase her for repayment. She admitted that her father passed away without ever being aware his daughter had been taken over by this habit.

Doris Sant is 62 years old. After serving as a nun for twelve years, she left the Order and went off to Pakistan on missionary work. Back in Malta, she met with a man who liked gambling.

“At the time I started with just LM3 every week. Nothing much to lose. From then onward, the amount started to grow.”

Speaking on TVM’s INSIGHTS, Doris Sant admitted that gambling took over her life, and she ended up gambling away all her salary, adding that she became even more deeply involved when a female friend encouraged her to visit the Casino. At this point, there was no turning back.

“When my salary ran out, I would borrow. Unofficially. I even owed money to the bank. I took out a bank loan to sustain my gambling. I ran up LM40,000 of debt. Maltese liri, not euro.”

Doris compared herself to a first-class actress, as she ended up lying to people in order to borrow even more money. She managed and was loaned another LM250, which she promptly gambled away on roulette.

“I said to myself, LM60 and I’ll walk out. Big joke. I went off to get more money, until it ran out. In the end, I realised this could not go on. How was I going to pay it all back?”

Doris kept all this concealed from her father. The loan sharks started chasing her for payment.

“My father used to tell me that this or that person had called. I had decided to disconnect the phone line. My father had not noticed the phone was not connected. I just couldn’t sleep, always thinking about how to pay off my creditors.”

Asked whether she still had a craving for gambling, Doris did not mince her words.

“It’s in your mind, every time you see a number. You say you will try your luck. Every time I walk past, I deny myself. I keep on walking past. It’s a continuous battle.”

The last time she gambled was four and a half years ago when her father died.

I played the numbers relating to my father and his death, and then I stopped.”

With the assistance of Caritas’ Gamblers Anonymous, Doris is still being weaned off her vice, and hopes her experience will help others to overcome their problem.

Doris Sant’s experience will be the first item about gambling, on Insights tonight on TVM at 10.30 p.m.

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