“I felt happy to be back… you can learn more at school”

Schools today re-opened by welcoming kindergarten and primary students following the easing of anti-Covid restrictions.

After their month-long closure, a TVM crew went near the Ħamrun primary school and spoke with children who were enthusiastic that they are returning to their school benches.

The majority of children stated that their first day at school was good, with many remarking that they missed their colleagues.

The following are comments by students on whether they prefer lessons from home or at school:

“Today, I did fine…I felt happy to be back, you may learn more at school”.

“I missed school because I get stuck online….we enjoyed running….it seemed without Covid, however it is still present”.

“I prefer being at school because sometimes I get stuck with online lessons and cannot follow”.

“It is better here because it is always the same at home”.

“I prefer school without a mask”.

“I prefer being with teachers as online does not always work”.

“I miss friends when I am playing”.

While many young students said that being physically present in class is the best option, a particular student stated that the school satchel weight convinces him to choose online learning.

Meanwhile, parents waiting for their children outside the school building, told TVM that they were eager to see their children back in class. They said that the children’s place is not at home even if they praised the commitment of teachers who did their best to ensure that the children receive the best education, even virtually.