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“I felt pain and total darkness, however there is a solution”

She was only 33-years old when she started having mental health problems – today 40 years after – despite moments of darkness, she managed to find peace and also joy. TVM spoke with Violet Bajada who suffered from the bi-polar condition, and appealed for people to be sensitive when they speak because unethical words do not only hurt persons, but may even cause mental disease in others.

She started her career as a nurse at a London psychiatric hospital. At the age of 33, Violet Barbara started feeling great sadness following her second baby. “When the baby was born, you are supposed to have joy; you do not realize, I felt incapable of caring for the child; did not sleep or eat”.

Violet recalled that doctors told her she had post natal depression, however by time she found out that she suffered from the bi-polar condition with moments of great darkness. “Loneliness, sadness and pain; you feel you are useless and there were moments when I prayed God to take me away”.

Violet stated that despite mental disease brings along pain and loneliness, she has courage because there is a ray of hope by doings things she likes. “Do not be shy that you have the condition; no one chooses illness because we can live our life better and have faith that you overcome the sad moments”.

Mental Health Commissioner John Cachia appealed through TVM that when a persons feels certain burden, should seek assistance and realize that the person is not alone. “My advice is let us open the opportunity of hearing the difficulty, we assist persons to find help – a friend, doctor, nurse, a service – seek assistance to live a normal life”.

There are various support services for those seeking assistance, including Richmond Foundation on number 1770 and online on