“I forgive those who have wronged me but I am going to work to eradicate this hatred”

Broadcaster Angela Coleiro told TVM that although she forgives those who were mean to her and shared hateful messages in her regard, she wants to launch a campaign against this sort of behavior. Ms Coleiro said that as a public figure she never wanted to talk about her gender but that after this, she will work so that no one else will go through what she went through.

Angela Coleiro has been a television personality for over thirty years, both on radio programs she has participated in, and even as an actress in a television series. A couple of days ago, Angela, who regularly expresses her opinion on Facebook, was insulted because of being transgender.

“The two people who wrote a post about me aren’t even Facebook friends of mine. They took photos, screenshots of the post, and didn’t just agree to disagree with what I had said but chose to use vulgar and hateful words and adjectives”

Angela Coleiro said that after these attacks she appreciated the support she received including phone calls by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia and members of parliament from both sides of the House.

Ms Coleiro reported the case to the police and is awaiting the outcome of the action that will be taken against people who have spread messages of hatred against her because she is transgender. She said she hates the writings that are often written on social media not just against people on account of their gender but also against other minorities.

“I will keep on with the case, if I don’t succeed I am ready to give a conference about it and even a protest later on.”

University of Malta lecturer Dr Francois Mifsud said that hate speech, in addition to being illegal, should be suppressed because it can lead to dangerous and fatal behavior.

“The moment I lose sight of humanity in my language I am playing with life, so we must take hate speech seriously.”

Dr Mifsud said that in human history, hate speech had led to genocide, ethnic cleansing and harassment of people because of their gender. He called on the authorities to act in accordance with the law in cases such as that of Ms Coleiro.