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“A person with the autism can give a great contribution to society”

An autistic youth told TVM that, together with other youths, he wants to raise a positive awareness that persons with the autism condition can give a great contribution to society.

Jacob Callus spoke with TVM on the challenges he faces, while expressing his wish to inspire other persons with the condition to believe in themselves and their skills.

Jacob is a 21-year old university student currently studying for a Masters in European studies. At the age of 9, his parents found that he had the aspergers condition, which is a part of the autism spectre.

“Due to aspergers, I didn’t progress in Mathematics and had difficulties, have no confidence in a social way….there are disadvantages and also positive aspects”.

He told TVM that despite the condition, he also has advantages because he progressed well in certain subjects. Showing enthusiasm to improve the lives of other autistic persons, Jacob joined other authistic youths in the drafting of proposals to improve the life of children, adults and their families, who have the condition.

“We are working on a policy for autistic students in schools….creating a policy for integrating workers with the condition at the place of work”.

During the month of April, the Inspire Foundation is holding the “What Autism Has Taught Me” campaign to raise more awareness among the pubblic on autism.

Charlene Borg, from the Inspire Foundation, said: “We provide support for the whole family system, because everyone needs support and the parents’ education will assist children, even how to assist themselves”.

The Foundation currently provides support to 155 persons on the spectre of autism. It is estimated that one in every 54 boys and girls world-wide are on the spectre of autism.