“I love being called grandma”

Today is World Day for Grandparents and the elderly which coincides with the feast of St. Anne and St. Joachim, Jesus’ grandparents. This feast was started by Pope Francis last February.

In the parish church of Marsascala dedicated to Saint Anne, mass was celebrated by Archbishop Charles J Scicluna. Grandparents who spoke to TVM said that their love for their grandchildren is indescribable.

On World Grandparents’ Day, a number of grandparents heard mass at St. Anne’s parish.

Pope Francis had come up with this day last February because he believes that the role of grandparents and their valuable advice are valuable to humanity, so we should feel blessed in the presence of grandparents many of whom remain dedicated to the family until the end of their lives.

In his homily, Archbishop Scicluna called for children and grandchildren to appreciate grandparents, and even to ask for forgiveness when they fall short. He also appealed for those who are still lucky enough to have their grandparents alive, to go and see them.

A TVM crew met a number of grandparents, including the singer Tony Camilleri, who is also a grandfather. “Grandchildren are an extension of ourselves and I love them immensely, all of them.”

As soon as grandparents hear anything to do with their grandchildren they light up and smile. Many of us have been told that they love grandchildren more than their own children. Here’s what these grandparents had to say: