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“I never expected the Prime Minister to be chosen among the world’s most corrupt persons” – Dr Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia stated he had never expected Prime Minister Joseph Muscat would be chosen among the world’s most corrupt persons.

Interviewed on Net FM, Dr Delia said it was worrying that the Labour Party had allowed the country to disintegrate, and insisted that after all this, it was only working to repair the situation within the party. Dr Delia added that whilst the country was going under, the Prime Minister was travelling from one country to another when he was supposed to be handling the day to day running of the country. Dr Delia further stated that the gifts which the Prime Minister had received were linked, as whoever gives something expects something in return.

Dr Delia referred to the credentials of the two candidates for leadership of the Labour Party and explained that both were declaring they would not change anything in order to ensure continuity in the country, meaning that those who abused of power would not be investigated. The PN leader added that nothing would be changed after Saturday. Referring to Robert Abela, Delia stated that Dr Abela wanted to retain the same cabinet and would proceed with continuity, which according to Dr Delia meant Dr Abela was happy with Malta’s bad reputation and corruption. Referring to Chris Fearne, Dr Delia said Dr Fearne did not understand what rule of law stood for, as he wanted to decide everything himself.

Dr Delia explained that the country should not continue on this road, with a wrong economic model, and without any infrastructural planning particularly in the face of this population increase, major problems of poverty and social accommodation as well as environmental issues. Dr Delia insisted that during this year the country should speak about an energy plan without poisonous gas emissions.

Dr Delia further stated he hoped repairs would be carried out to the damage done to businesses and investors, who he said are seeking other countries. The PN leader said the country should not continue reasoning with the ‘anything goes’ mentality, because what was unacceptable six years ago is getting the Government’s blessing today. Dr Delia stressed that every person should shoulder responsibility by being informed and insisting on what is right.

Dr Delia stated that the PN had drawn up 15 proposals fo good governance, in the hope that what had taken place under a Labour Government would not be repeated. Delia explained that these proposals strengthen the country’s institutions so that these would not be taken over again by persons he described as corrupt. He also called for a strong separation of powers which will be assured, and rule of law. Dr Delia stated that the eroding of values had led to the present situation in the country.

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