“I shed a tear when I heard them call him a dwarf with a big head”

A video of a 9 year old boy has gone viral worldwide when he expressed his sorrow at being bullied. In the video taken by his mother, Quaden Bayle can be heard saying that he wants to end his life because of the bullying that he goes through every day because of his dwarfism. This video has put under the scrutiny the scourge of bullying as a result of disability. Television Malta spoke to a young man with dwarfism on how he was able to ignore the cruel jibes he got at school.

The video of the this Australian boy has spread to the four corners of the world, and Malta is no exception. 9 year old Qauden Bayle who has the condition can be heard in the video angrily telling his mother that he wants to end his life because he can no longer take being mocked and ridiculed by other children at his school.

Television Malta spoke to Alistair Degiorgio who also has this condition and who will remain short in stature for life. He too experienced the same fate as the Australian boy because of the hurtful comments he had to endure – being called a dwarf with a big head.

“I didn’t feel good. I felt like I was being rejected by society because they did not respect me.”

His mother recounts the trauma her son went through because of people’s cruelty.

“He went through a period where, under no circumstances, would he leave home because he said that people were aware of his every move. I was not even aware of it.”

She said that she had to adapt to his needs by buying a car that her son was comfortable being in.

Alistair Degiorgio said that his heart went out to the boy in the video and that he even shed a tear.

“I really felt sorry for him. In fact that evening I can honestly say that I prayed for him not to continue feeling that way.”

Aaron Apap Zammit from the bBrave organisation said that bullying because of disability was a reality, even in Malta. He appealed to victims not to be afraid to speak up and seek help.

“We have began a partnership with the Counseling Department at the University of Malta and we are offering support and free counselling to those who are being bullied .”

Alistair Degiorgio who is 16 said that he is as capable as anyone else and does not feel inferior. His wish is to become a journalist.

Strong essence is kept in small bottles, he said. And I’m one of them.

Dwarfism affects one in 10,000 children.

Anyone seeking help because of bullying can go to

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