“I suffered a lot but today I live my life, I go out and smile as much as possible”

At the age of 47, Censina Cachia had to leave her home with her three children because of domestic violence.  Despite the suffering she endured, today at the age of 77 she feels very positive about life and urged all those who are in an abusive relationship to be brave and get out of it.

Censina Cachia said that when one has faith in God, one can do anything. These days she goes out all the time and smiles as much as possible because she believes that everyone has the right to be happy in life.

In a calm voice and always with a smile on her face, Censina says she thanks Good that despite what she went through when she was married, today she lives a peaceful life.

However it is still painful for her to remember the suffering she endured at the hands of her husband.

“My husband was aggressive and he used to even hit the children, we used to fight every day, I forgave him and went back but then I could not keep living that life any more.”

Censina said she left her home with the clothes on her back.

“I had no where to go,  my eldest daughter was 15, they were still young, it was all on me, and I found a place, but we didn’t even have anywhere to sleep.”

Censina becomes emotional when she recalls how much  she suffered.

“But I always used to say, “Lord, I can’t do this by myself,” and I always kept God in my life.”

Censina says that today she feels happy because she spends a lot of time going out and socialising. She even took part in a modelling contest.

“I still go out, as long as I am out I can meet people because when I’m at home I get very down.”

Censina encourages all those who feel alone to go out as much as possible.

“You have to remain positive, do not be afraid, recently I was even given pills, but then I go out that door and everything passes, as long as I am outside.”

Living a simple life in a modest home, Censina appeals to all those who are in an abusive relationship to fight for their freedom because everyone has the right to live happily.