“I was down and turned to drugs, I’m determined to rebuild my life and put my past behind me”

Two years ago he fell into drug addiction after losing his mother and suffering pyschological challenges, but now he has decided to join the Caritas program so that he can reunite with his family again and help other people who are addicted to drugs. TVM spoke to Roman Gafa – one of 3 people who will join the Caritas program in San Blas, which has started welcoming new residents after a hiatus of almost 3 months due to the pandemic.

Visibly glad that in the next nine months he will work to rebuild his life, Roman Gafa told us that he is eager to put drugs and an addiction that has ruined his life, firmly behind him.

Roman, 42, said that 19 years ago he had successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program and started working in his father’s business but when he encountered certain problems in his life he fell back into drugs.

” I starting taking drugs again, I was depressed and I lost my mother, and I had a relationship with a partner and it ended. ”

Roman said he is now determined to rebuild his life in the Caritas program and never go back to his past.

“I want my identity back, I want to find out who I am again, and I will say no to whoever tries to sell me drugs. I am determined to move on.”

Roman, a 37-year-old man will also join the Caritas program, and his dream is to reunite with his family after the program.

“Drugs give you fleeting joy but if you make a sacrifice and find joy you will realize what true joy is; with drugs there are huge consequences.”

Caritas director Anthony Gatt said that because of Covid-19, Caritas was seriously concerned about about 20 people who were unable to start the program because of the precautions being taken at San Blas.

” The first 3 people came to San Blas after they tested negative at Charles Miceli House and so we opened the door so that those who need a program can come. ”

With 3 new residents at San Blas there are now 26 people, of whom 18 are men. Seventeen are still waiting to be admitted. The San Blas program lasts six months and afterwards residents do another 3 months program at a Community Home to prepare them for life in the community.

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