“I was only eating cereal with water to keep losing weight”

A young English woman who came to Malta for health reasons described how because of ‘anorexia nervosa’ she ended up eating cereal with water to keep losing weight.

For years, Rachael Hollwey has been fighting this eating disorder where a person eats as little as possible and ends up underweight because of the constant fear of getting fat, even though one is already very thin.

After her recovery Hollwey wrote the book, “At War with my Mind” where she describes what she has been through in order to boost the morale of all those going through the same problem.

Speaking on TVAM, she described how this problem started when she was around 14 when she ended up weighing only 29 kilos, 15 kilos less than today. She used to even throw food away instead of eating it and was doing a lot of exercise to keep losing weight.

Hollwey said that she became so thin that her mother used to tell her she looked like a broom. She could barely walk and she fell into a depression.

She once went to buy a pair of jeans and although there was a size ‘double zero’ she asked them for a smaller size but the shop assistant told her there was nothing smaller.

She said that although she knew that she was harming herself, her mind was brainwashed and she described it as a “war with my mind”.

Hollwey thanked her family who helped her face this condition which led her to being admitted to hospital five times in her country.

Due to her health problems the doctors suggested that she goes to live in a country where the temperature is not as cold as the UK and she chose Malta even though she did not know where it was.

She says that today she is happy to have overcome her condition and urges those who are passing through the same problem to seek help.

She hopes that by opening up about her experience she can serve as a beacon of hope for those who are passing through mental problems which in her case not only left a negative impact on her, but also meant that she lost one of her best friends.